ImageLucy was asked about Xena in a new interview with Starpulse. Here is the Q&A (and I agree with Lucy...X&G deserved to sail into the sunset and be happy).

I have to ask. A lot of 'Xena' fans are still very upset about the show’s ending. How would you have ended Xena if given the opportunity?

Lucy Lawless: I would have them sailing off into the sunset together. That way, people could dream about what adventures they would embark on next, as opposed to separating them forever. That was the most hurtful thing about 'Xena.' It’s a cool story if you think about it. In 'Spartacus' people are killed in the worst way all the time. It’s part of the show. However, it wasn’t right for 'Xena.' It’s such a shame to look back because it really hurt fans. People related to those characters in a unique way, creating a different kind of fandom. The 'Xena' fans are an incredible bunch.

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