AfterEllen has a great interview with Marissa Ramirez (Melitta on Spartacus Gods of the Arena). Marissa was Lucretia's body slave on the Spartacus Blood and Sand prequel.

AE: And how was it working with the amazing Lucy Lawless?

MR: Lucy is one of the classiest women I think I’ve ever met. I just enjoyed watching her not only act but also her actions with the extras, the crew and the other actors. She’s so graceful and humble and so beautiful. It was really an honor for me to be working beside her and I felt like I learned a lot from her. She’s just truly a beautiful person and I think she exudes this light from within and it’s very catching to everyone around her. The crew just loves her! She’ll come out with the biggest plate you’ve seen of chocolate and just walk around passing out chocolate. What actress does that? It’s just so sweet! She’s so down to earth and she takes so much pride in where she’s come from and how she’s gotten there. It’s awesome to be around her!

AE: What else did you learn from her?

MR: You know, I was very far away from home so it was nice to have someone that I could confide in about maybe ‘I don’t know if I feel comfortable with this’ and she would just make it all okay. She just made me feel a lot more comfortable with what I was doing there and what my character was doing. She would remind me of the relationship between Lucretia and Melitta. It made all the difference in the world with her doing that and knowing that if I needed something she was there.

AE: Would you have been all for a more physical relationship to happen between you and Lucy?
MR: Oh, of course! I think it’s more challenging to be intimate with different men that I’m acting with for the first time. I think with another woman it would be easier to go there. I definitely would’ve been open to it.

AE: And Lucy is so hot!
MR: And I think that that was another thing. I kept staring at her and wondering how she stays so amazingly perfect. Her skin and everything … it’s crazy! She’s like porcelain.

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