The Sequential Tart site (cute name) has an article about the Women of Spartacus: Blood and Sand written by Corrina Lawson. Not the actors but more about the actual characters which is pretty interesting, well written and a look into the minds of the four female characters: Lucretia, Ilithyia, Naevia and Mira.


The Women of Spartacus: Blood & Sand
Being Naked A Lot Doesn't Keep Them From Being Interesting

The last thing I expected when I started watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand were strong female characters.

I was in it for the gladiators and because I'm a sucker for Roman history.

The first couple of episodes were as expected. The title character had a beautiful wife who loved him — someone surely designed for the fridge. The appearance of Ilithyia, the wife of the Roman legatus, was also pretty basic, with her using sex to get him to do what she wanted.

And then things started to change.

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-- Barbara Davies