lucretia.jpgLucy has been interviewed at IGN which also interviews Steven DeKnight and Peter Mensah about Season 2 (Vengeance).

When we asked Lawless about the return of Lucretia, she hadn't yet read any new Season 2 scripts, but she did know a few elements. "I know a couple of very broad strokes," she told us, "and I have incredible faith in these writers. I would be shocked if it wasn't as brilliant as everything else."

What did Lawless think Lucretia's state of mind would be? "I wouldn't say that she hasn't learned any lessons," the actress said. "That's not correct. I would say she's learned some. But she's had something very precious, the only thing precious to her, taken away from her and they'll be hell to pay. She's going to unleash the demons from hell."

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