As you all know we've all been urging everyone with a facebook account to go to Lucy's Resene Facebook page and LIKE it.

The reason we are all doing this is because Starship gets an extra $5000 by liking it and if it has the highest number of LIKES of the Resene Horses (Lucy is 2rd place at the moment) Starship will get an extra $5000 for the kids on top of the auction winning bid.

As for a few minutes ago the numbers were:

1. Amanda Billing for Child Cancer Foundation has 2,617 likes
2. Lucy for Starship Foundation has 1,702 likes

So please urge your friends and family to go and LIKE the page. We're only 915 behind, The cut off date for the 'like' competition is midday, Thursday 10th March (NZ Time - that's 09 March US). That means we have until 9 (US) 10th March (NZ/Aus) to get Lucy's horse into first place and Starship gets the extra $5000.

Click here to LIKE Lucy's FB page