Lucy will be a guest in a comedy skit on Super City NEXT WEEK in NZ.


On 13 September 2010 I posted the news that Lucy made a guest appearance on Madeleine Sami's new skit show. In the show, Lucy wore her Amazon leathers from the Season 6 episode "Dangerous Prey" and looked great. Other than Lucy still looking in fantastic shape 10 years on from filming Dangerous Prey, the leathers were "borrowed" from Starship where Lucy had donated them for their auction to film the skit. She gave them right back and the leathers were sold for $5,110 NZ

Left (Lucy on Sami's new show) | Right (Lucy on Dangerous Prey)

Madeleine's new show is called Super City and it premieres on 11 February at 10 pm in New Zealand on TV3. We're not sure which episode Lucy is in but it's one of the six. Her character's name is.. Sappho (according to her Auckland Actors resume site

You can get more info on the show on their facebook page or on their TV3 site

-- Barbara Davies and MaryD