index.12.jpgLucy's quite a busy woman these past few months - January saw her doing Spartacus PR, February she did a quick stopover at the Xena Con and then filmed No Ordinary Family. She then flew back home to prep / paint Argo and now she's back in the US to finish more of No Ordinary Family!

Lucy sent in her latest blog where she says:

2/17/11 -- So in the break from Spartacus: Blood and Sand, I took on a fun little gig on Michael Chiklis' show, No Ordinary Family.  I left the Sky Tower in Auckland and flew straight to LA to finish the gig, and my, aren't my arms tired!  I am thinking up all the ways I can make Argo a more fabulous purchase for someone.  Perhaps if a Xena fan buys her, I will arrange a visit with the real Argo?  If a Sparty fan buys her, hmmm . . . the mind boggles!

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