The following was posted on Lucy's Resene Horse Page (now of course we know it's Argo Starship Warrior Princess):

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!...Ursula was my little helper, tormenting me by knocking over paint pots, trekking paint through the house and whapping the wet horse with her tail! ...Read more


My apologies, I am going on about this FB page for a bit but I PROMISE never to urge anyone to LIKE another FB page again with one caveat.. not unless it involves Lucy and Starship know the drill...

You can also help by going to Lucy's Resene Facebook Page, liking it and if it has the highest number of LIKES of the Resene Horses (Lucy is 3rd place at the moment) Starship will get an extra $5000 for the kids.

Find out more about Lucy's Argo Starship Warrior Princess on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Resene Horse Page