Lucy's Bare For Christchurch T-shirt Update...

The t-shirt has been sold and it's gone for $120 Kiwi dollars. The money has gone to Christchurch and every dollar is most welcome! Now to the part that was really fun.

What do you do when two mates band together and surprise you with this shirt? Well I know what I would do since it's happened to me. I was gobsmacked and quite touched that these two did something so special.

These two munchkins (names beginning with R & J and one of them was at the BARE event...guess who and it's not Janine) put their heads together and came up with the plan to let me stress over this shirt (I was bidding on it). So kind of them <g> Just when as I was refreshing the auction page and hoping my internet connection won't go down (it seems to dislike trademe), J sprung the surprise on me :)

It's all for a great cause (other than me owning it for a few months). The shirt will be available for the next AUSXIP Charity Auction!

So that's my night :) Bloody good mates, aye? Absolutely.

For more info about Lucy's role on Bare For Christchurch, go to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Bare For Christchurch event page