After being absent for a few years from AUSXIP, the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless subsite for The Vagina Monologues is back!

Added reviews, press, pics and a video from TV3 News (apologies in advance for the very bad quality...digitised it back in 2002 at very low res in rm format).

ImageThe Vagina Monlogues reveals a series of different women's stories and experiences involving their genitalia. The piece was born when playwright Ensler realized that her work, mostly about women, was missing a physiological connection. Ensler told PBOL,"I couldn't be thinking about [liberating women] without thinking about vaginas. I wanted to know about what women were feeling about their vaginas. As I talked to women, I was so awed and amazed by what people were telling me that I began to think, 'there's a [theatre] piece here.'" quote is from Playbill

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