Comedian Tig Notaro is interviewed and she has a Lucy mention:

Queer comedian Tig Notaro has an impressive lesbian pedigree away from her stand-up career.  She's filmed scenes for the recent biopic on grrl group the Runaways, guest starred in episodes of The Sarah Silverman Program as the one woman alluring enough to turn Silverman gay, and before her stage and screen appearances, she worked as an assistant on Xena: Warrior Princess.

As for her time as a somewhat hapless assistant on Xena, Notaro said she formed a close bond with the woman who played the dykonic superhero herself, Lucy Lawless.

"Lucy is great -- always so supportive. She would go see me do comedy when I was just starting out at little shows and open mics. She and I are still good friends and see each other whenever she's in the States and we both have time. Which is basically never, so I guess I should take all that back."

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