It's time for The Hot 100 again!

Our first annual Hot 100 (in 2007) came about in response to a Hot 100 list published by Maxim magazine. readers found Maxim's list to be "generally unbelievable and incorrect," so we invited you to create a list of your own and, thus, an annual tradition began!

In our endless quest to provide a forum for lesbian/bi women to express your opinions about all things related to pop culture, we present the Hot 100 poll again this year. If you find yourself frustrated by mainstream (i.e. heterocentric) culture's definitions of "sexy, "attractive," or, well, "hot," then this is your opportunity to proclaim your appreciation for the women who you think embody those terms.

In the form below, you can submit your nominations for the 10 women you think are the hottest on the planet. They can be gay or straight, young or old, and of any race or nationality — basically any woman you find desirable. The woman with the most votes will be No. 1, the woman with the second highest number of votes will be No. 2, and so on down the list (which means it doesn't matter what order you list the names in the form).

Click here to nominate