Three auctions are currently underway to raise money for Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior III. Here are the latest bids on each item Lucy has donated:

Auction Updates as of: 29 August 2011


CharityBuzz: Open to all countries

Image634501115817539062Dinner with Lucy

$3350.00 (USD)

(unchanged from yesterday)


Image634501116366914062The Lone Ranger & Tonto Art
by Michael Parekowhai

$4000.00 (USD)

(unchanged from yesterday)



TradeMe: Open to Kiwis and Aussies

Image634501116647695312ILLUMINATE - Lucy Lawless's Frog

$505.00 (NZ)

(unchanged from yesterday - this auction closes
on 31 August (NZ)




Find out more why Lucy is auctioning herself and the other items by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Eco-Warrior Subsite