photo.jpgNew message from Lucy about her upcoming auction items for raising money for the Raindow Warrior III on 24 August 2011

I am having a wee cry about losing my two friends, 'Tonto' and 'The Lone Ranger' which are the first artworks I ever bought with my Xena pay packet. They are magnificent photos by the now world famous, Michael Parekowhai. He was the big noise at the Venice Biennale this year. I really love everything he does.

These photos are like childhood friends to me. I love their humour and politics. They seem to say, "I'm Big, I'm Camp and I'm here to stay!" I admire this quality in others. I like people that are fruity and comfortable in their skin and ready for action.

tonto.jpgI am so committed to raising $$ and awareness of Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III that I am going to let these go to auction next week in New York. It is run by an outfit called CHARITYBUZZ.

Please help spread the word especially to people in the art world. These are landmark works of a major talent.

They are also auctioning off a dinner with me, though frankly, I recommend you go for the photos!

Love the World!
Lucy Lu

For more information about Lucy's auction for Greenpeace - go to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Rainbow Warrior III Subsite