The 24 Hours of Reality with Al Gore is fast approaching in a few days. News about Lucy's role in the event has been released and it looks very impressive.

Spanning 24 hours, 24 time zones and multiple languages, 24 Hours of Reality features a new multimedia presentation about climate change created by Vice President Gore and delivered by an army of personally trained slide show Presenters from around the world.

By focusing the world's attention on the climate crisis for an entire day, 24 Hours of Reality is intended to create a global movement and inspire international action to solve the climate crisis the other 364 days of the year. At each event, we will highlight the projects and initiatives of incountry organizations and NGOs and offer information and opportunities for people to learn more and to get involved with ongoing activities in their own communities. This global discussion will lead to action to solve the climate crisis.

Lucy will be doing a 15 minute intro on the New Zealand portion according to Unitec. Read below for more:

Join Generation Zero for a live Climate Change Reality Project.
Date 15 Sep 2011
Time: 19:00 To: 20:00
Event host: Organisational Development

Venue: Oakridge House, 139 Carrington Rd, Gate 4, Unitec
Contact name: Carolyn Cox
Contact phone: 8394
Type: Seminars and conferences
Contact email:

On September 15, the world will focus its attention on the climate crisis.
"Climate Reality" will be live-streamed for 24 hours, from 24 locations. It will hit every time zone for one hour from 7 pm to 8pm.

The New Zealand section of Climate Reality will be filmed in Auckland with a 15 minute introduction by Lucy Lawless will be followed by a half hour speech by Rachel Brown about the global impact of climate change.

The event will conclude with a 15 minute presentation by the local Generation Zero group that is taking action on issues related to climate change.

You can be part of this unique event by joining a live-streamed viewing session at Unitec.


For more about this event visit the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Eco-Warrior 24 Hour of Reality Subsite

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