The following is from Greenpeace about their Rainbow Warrior III Auction currently underway (Lucy's dinner is going for $7600 and her art is going for $10,500)

Dinner with Lucy 

The Lone Ranger & Tonto Art
by Michael Parekowhai

The Rainbow Warrior III celebrity auction is coming to a close with total bids at $90,000 and rising.  This is fantastic news considering the new ship is already in the water having final sea trials before her launch next month.

I doubt you feel like splashing out on a trip to Barcelona, a 'meet and greet' with footballer Lionel Messi is already at $18,000!  But - there are some iconic Greenpeace pictures, signed by our photographers, still up for grabs at pretty reasonable prices.  (The Picassos are still there too).  Be quick though, it'll all be over on Thursday morning.  Click here to view all items.

Greenpeace has been overwhelmed by the generosity of celebrities from all over the world.  With your help and theirs, we're close to finishing the world's first purpose-built environmental campaigning vessel.  She's going to be amazing!

Find out more why Lucy is auctioning herself and the other items by going to the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Eco-Warrior Subsite