ImageTed Raimi seems truly happy directing Morbid Minute, his new horror anthology web series for Raimi has appeared in nearly 100 movies and TV shows, including genre favorites like the Evil Dead films, Candyman, Shocker, Midnight Meat Train, Drag Me to Hell, and Maniac Cop 3. Now the actor steps behind the camera for Morbid Minute, which he is writing and directing.

He was asked if any of his friends will be making an appearance on the show. His answer?

In a few months I am hoping to shoot an episode with my old buddy Bruce Campbell. I'd also like to get my old friends Lucy Lawless and, if I ask real nicely, Jeffrey Combs. So I am looking forward to shooting more.

Do you have roles planned for all of them?

I have roles for all of them. I have a stack of stories at home written for them.

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