ImageIt seems Mr Ban, the UN Secretary General is in Auckland for the Pacific Island Forum of leaders and had high praise for Lucy and her work with Greenpeace. I like it! Mr Ban seems to be a very smart man who has done his home work.

UN boss praises NZ while invoking spirit of Xena, Warrior Princess

United Nations secretatry-general Ban Ki-moon has warned that climate change is "lapping at our feet" in the Pacific, while also invoking the spirit of Xena, Warrior Princess.

In a speech at Auckland University, Ban's first public appearance in New Zealand since arriving for the Pacific Island Forum yesterday, the UN boss said climate change was no longer "about some distant future".

"Climate change is not about tomorrow. It is lapping at our feet - quite literally in Kiribati and elsewhere," Ban said.

"And it's good to know that you not only specialise in training for policy and politics, but also peace and security. I sometimes feel we could all use a little of the spirit of Auckland alumna Lucy Lawless - Xena the Warrior Princess."

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You can read more about Lucy's role as an Eco-Warrior on the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless Environmental Advocate Subsite