What do you mean there is no connection between Xena and The Rugby World Cup? Other than the pic to the left which was a promo for Xena on NZ TV which read "Even Lomu Doesn't Crunch Tackle Like Xena" back in the day.

The Rugby World Cup opening ceremony taking place in Auckland this Friday, 9th September. Expected audience in the worldwide millions.

Where is the Xena connection? The Director of choreography and Head of costumes are - Shona McCullagh and Jane Holland :-) Both of whom worked on Xena.

[Shona was featured on the Who's Gurkhan? behind the scenes footage, she was seen teaching both Lucy & Renee their respective dances. Jane took over from Ngila from Season 5 and appears in a couple of interviews on the Season 5 and Season 6 DVDs]

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This reminded me of a music video by Neil Finn which featured Lucy and the fantastic All Blacks (as an Aussie I should be barracking for the Aussie team but...I'm going to let this slide) for the 1999 Rugby World Cup. Neil Finn is one half of the kiwi supergroup Split Enz (Australia keeps wanting to claim them as ours...yeah right...). Lucy was invited to be a part of the music video and she accepted. Lucy was pregnant with Julius at the time.


there is also an interview with Lucy about the music video. The interview was originally sent to me in rm format and by today's standards wasn't a crisp copy but it's a great interview - it was done back in 1999 by NZJester (thanks!)

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