Lucy has once again undergone a gender change (for fun) and this time has chosen the dead actor James Dean (tragically killed in a car accident on 30 September 1955).


Lucy and Viva Bianca got dressed up as during Halloween! Dead Icons Edie Sedgwick (Viva) and Jimmy Dean (Lucy)

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Lucy loves dressing up as a man...who can forget these funny pics taken during the NZ Fashion Show

Broadcaster Paul Holmes and partner Deborah Hamilton snared front seats among the overseas guests. Xena actor Lucy Lawless sat behind former Sex and the City stylist Rebecca Weinberg.

Last night, the fashion set again turned out in force at Nicholas Blanchet for the week's final individual show, where Lawless sat frontrow in menswear and a moustache after Weinberg bet she wouldn't dare.

Lucy recently dressed up as a man for a dare - she sported a moustache and a goatee. She said that she resembled her brother, Daniel. Welll..I found a grab of Daniel (from When Fates Collide & Destiny - he was the Roman guard who broke Xena's legs on Caeser's orders). So I put them together :)



and of this...



Lucy as Xena as a man in the Season 6 Episode 19 Many Happy Returns!

She does make a good looking guy!


She cracks me up :)