Well this is interesting and it shows the writers of the film Colombiana are obvious Xena fans who didn't do their homework. Roland sent in the following note:

xenaI watched Colombiana the other day and there was a Xena mention in it! I thought it might interest you! They even showed a Xena Comic book (the lead character - Zoe Saldana - wanted to be like Xena when she was little). They made a mistake though! Because the scene was in 1992 and we didn't have Xena in '92...

and the Spartacus connection? Well Cynthia Addai-Robinson who plays the new Naevia is in this movie. Roland continues...

Also, Cynthia Addai-Robinson is in this movie, she's playing the little girl's mother!

Fandoms colliding in a funny way. Also the film review from macguffinpodcast.com picked up on the Xena connection:

The character Xena, Warrior Princess, first appeared on the television show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, in an episode that aired on March 13, 1995. I?m mentioning this bit of TV trivia because while watching the opening minutes of director Olivier Megaton?s new film Colombiana, I was baffled at how our young heroine, at the age of nine in a scene clearly stated to be set in 1992, could be reading a Xena comic book, and proclaiming that she would like to be like Xena. It bothered me enough that I even indulged in a moment of obnoxiousness, leaning over to my viewing companion to state for the record that Xena wouldn?t have been around until 1995.

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