I have to say today was one of those days that just had me laughing ALL day. Why? Well Lucy was a roll on Twitter. She was hysterically funny and just played along with the fans just having fun. One of the first things Lucy did today was change her profile info in response to questions such as: How's the weather Lucy, or I'm coming to NZ, what's a good place to visit? Stuff you let your fingers do the walking and head to google, Lonely Planet or something else other than Lucy Lawless.

I wonder sometimes if those people asking the silly questions are doing it to get Lucy's attention or they just don't know what to say. I'm leaning towards not knowing what to say. With 24,780 followers, there is a lot of fans who want to ask a question. Then there are the obvious trolls...the less said about those vile beasties the better.

Genuine fans are getting a kick out of Lucy's quick-witted responses.  Back to the weather reports...Lucy being Lucy played along and this was her profile change from: Lucy Lawless, actress, eco-warrior, mother to Lucy Lawless, actress, eco-warrior, sometime troll (that seemed to garner some silly responses) to her latest today:

Actor, eco-warrior, and sometime troll. will interact but cannot touch qtns like, How R U? or, How's the weather? or Can you give me NZ travel tips?

Now having said that...she goes and tweets a weather report (where she is currently there filming the Jane Campion mini-series Top Of the Lake ) with photo of the grey sky (and herself)!

and and this