The following was published on USA Today newspaper (print edition) dated 15 August 2012 about an upcoming guest appearance by Lucy on the show Parks & Recreation


Xena and Ron Swanson? Lucy Lawless, who portrayed the iconic warrior princess Xena, will play a potential love interest for Ron (Nick Offerman) on NBC's Parks and Recreation this fall. Lawless, who is also a star of Starz's Spartacus series, will appear in two episodes beginning Oct. 4. She will play Diane, a single mother who meets Ron and Andy (Chris Pratt) when they are assigned to help her with a small problem in her neighborhood.

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Lucy was mentioned previously as being offered the role of Tammy in the show but had to turn it down due to her Spartacus role.

'I've read in the past that you love comedies. Is there a comedy you'd like to guest star on?
Oh, I love "Parks and Rec."

It's amazing.
Love that show. Love anything to do with Larry David.

Right, you did "Curb Your Enthusiasm."
Yeah, I've done that, but you can just never get enough of that guy. He's so unusual and so -- I find him really charming.

Do you have a "Parks and Rec" character already created in your head?
Well, they did come to me about playing one of the ex-wives of --

Really!? Tammy!
Yeah, and I couldn't because I was doing "Spartacus." I would have loved to have done that, but I had a very good excuse not to. [Laughs.]

As great as Patricia Clarkson was as Tammy 1, can you imagine Lawless going toe-to-toe with Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope? The Tammy ship may have sailed, but let's hope Mike Schur and the "Parks and Recreation" crew find a way to get Lawless to Pawnee.