Greenpeace has released a photo of Lucy on board The Rainbow Warrior III

Actress Lucy Lawless onboard the new Rainbow Warrior, on her first visit to New Zealand, visits Matauri Bay, Northland, January 9 2013, at the resting place of the original Rainbow Warrior, which was bombed by French secret service agents in Auckland in 1985. Ngati Kura, the guardians of the waters where the first Warrior lies, and Greenpeace crew, took part in a ceremonial whakatau to welcome the new ship.

Copyright 2013 Greenpeace/Nigel Marple


Source: Greenpeace NZ Facebook Page


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Here's our good friend @realLucyLawless on the new #RainbowWarrior in Matauri Bay with Dave the dolphin! #rwnz



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