The following is an email from Greenpeace about the Arctic Scroll at

This is amazing. Our global pledge of people who want the Arctic to stay beautiful has surged to a staggering 2.7 million signatures! Thank you for being part of it.

Your  name will form part of the historic Arctic scroll. It’ll be taken by foot to the North Pole where it’ll lie alongside millions of others -- including Paul McCartney, Penelope Cruz, and Jude Law -- at the top of the world.

This is an incredible achievement, but it’s just the beginning
. We won’t stop taking action until the Arctic Ocean is declared a Global Sanctuary and the animals that call it home -- polar bears, Arctic seals, narwhals and more -- are no longer at risk. To do this, we need to ramp up our campaign from today. We will:

  • Take your names to key politicians and CEOs to ask them where they stand on the Arctic
  • Take advantage of strategic moments to pressure decision makers -- when news breaks, when corporations attempt dangerous missions, and when dirty energy deals are being struck
  • Apply pressure at all levels of government, using our collective voices to demonstrate widespread support to keep the Arctic safe
  • Show world leaders at the United Nations the size and strength of our millions strong -- Save the Arctic movement.

It’s easy to feel dwarfed by the sheer power of oil corporations that want to pillage the pristine Arctic. But the truth is, together our voices are more powerful than any corporation. Seeing this incredible figure - 2.7 million names - gives me very good reason to remain hopeful. Thanks again for making this happen.

With hope,
Reece Turner
Senior campaigner
Greenpeace Australia Pacific

PS. Fantastic news from New Zealand last week: Lucy Lawless and other activists who occupied an Arctic-bound Shell rig last year have gone to trial. In a legal slap in the face for Shell, the judge threw out the $648,000 damages claim for the company. A victory for peaceful protests everywhere! Read the full story here.

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