256234880.jpgAmnesty International is running an exhibition and Trademe auction of tiny art created on Beehive matchboxes. The exhibition has been named Strike. Each artist is given a matchbox to decorate however he/she would like to.

Lucy's matchbox is now up on Trademe.co.nz where you can bid on it. Current bidding is $500

Fabric wrapped with planting.

Keeping it green, kiwi actress Lucy Lawless used a plant that survives on humid air to customise her matchbox.

Strike is an auction of Matchbox Art created by various artists, designers, musicians and more, especially for Amnesty International and featuring tiny art measuring just 5cm x 7cm created on Beehive Matchboxes.

All money raised from this sale will help fund Amnesty International's work to protect the human all over the world.

Bid on Lucy's Matchbox