Image634970689079992390This is absolutely fantastic news for The Starship Foundation (and of course AUSXIP's chosen charity). Last December Starship released a CD of Christmas songs which included Lucy singing "Little Child". Today the news from Starship is that the CD has raised $250,000!

The funds donated by Universal Music will go to Starship's National Air Ambulance Service. Year-round the Starship National Air Ambulance Service flies top medical experts to life-threatening emergencies around the country. These vary from complications arising from normal childhood illnesses such as the flu to accidents (drowning, car crashes, sporting injuries); as well as children suffering from serious medical conditions. These specialists stabilise the children and allow them to be brought safely to Starship where they can receive the care they need. Starship Foundation raises $1.5 million annually to fund this service.

Can you still buy the CD? Absolutely! Just had a quick check that these links are still working and they are.

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Watch Lucy Promote the CD!


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