Get ready to hear "I am Spartacus!" one last time. It has only been three years since Spartacus splashed its bloody way across Starz, and Friday's epic series finale (9/8c) will conclude the legendary rebel leader's quest to free the slaves of Ancient Rome. And although history spoils the ultimate outcome, it is how each character has lived — and in some cases, died — that is the key to the show's appeal.

Read for the cast's thoughts on killing or being killed on the series:

John Hannah & Lucy Lawless, "Quintus Batiatus and wife Lucretia"

Image635013850480249204Deaths: Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) slashed Batiatus' throat in a gladiator uprising; A seemingly mad Lucretia stole her friend's baby (from her womb!) and then toppled over a cliff with the child to join her husband in the afterlife.

"It would be hard to call it the best death ever, but it was certainly my best death," Hannah says. "It was certainly the hardest. It was the toughest. It lasted for like two days. I seem to remember it was wet." Adds Lawless" "Xena got her head cut off, but this is probably better because that was so ignominious. I always find that a bit humiliating, decapitation.

And I did not just fall off a cliff. I was taking the baby to my husband, where it belonged."

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