nzheraldThe ITM Fishing Show has been getting some good PR and there is an article in today NZ Herald about the fishing host Matt Wilson. Lucy filmed promos for the ITM Fishing Show whilst on Matt's boat when they went to meet up with the Rainbow Warrior III at Welcome The New Flagship in Matauri Bay, Northland New Zealand on 9 January 2013.

NZ Herald Lucy excerpt:

Watson’s no stranger to fishing — or hairy sea adventures. His celebrated television fishing show kicks off its 10th series tomorrow with the help of some famous Kiwis.

Lucy Lawless, whose family have a bach near Watson’s holiday home, volunteered to promote the show, as did Shane Cameron and Marc Ellis.

‘‘We shot some screen grabs with Lucy on the day the Rainbow Warrior came to town,’’ Watson said.

‘‘We’re good friends. We spend Christmas and New Year together sometimes. Her husband Rob [Tapert, the Hollywood producer] is fishing mad. So is her son Julius.’’

[Excerpt from the NZ Herald 3 May 2013 Printed Edition]

Here are the promos for the ITM Fishing Show with Lucy