Here's your chance to win your very own Lucy Lawless recorded voice message. Starship is going to be starting a new kind of auction where they will be auctioning off goodies like Lucy's voice message every Monday for the next six weeks on Facebook.

Interested? i think quite a few of you will be. Check out the press release! Press Release and Images supplied by Starship Foundation PR


Starship Foundation: 'Bids For Kids' Auction on Facebook

15 May 2013

Starship Foundation Announces New Zealand-First 'Bids For Kids' Auction on Facebook

The Starship Foundation launched 'Bids for Kids' today - and it is the first charity in New Zealand to hold a live auction inside of Facebook.

Every Monday for the next six weeks people from all over the world will have the opportunity to bid on some once-in-a-lifetime items and experiences at All proceeds will support Starship, New Zealand's national children's hospital.


One of the first auction items up for grabs includes a personalised voicemail message recorded on the winning bidder's phone by Lucy Lawless, famous for her role as television icon Xena Warrior Princess.

There is expected to be considerable interest from this auction from Lucy's fans all around the world.

"I am incredibly fortunate to have an amazing fan base around the globe many of whom willingly support causes I am passionate about. Although of course I've got my own voice on my answering machine, if I can offer that to someone else and it generates much needed funds for Starship Children's Hospital then I'd be thrilled!" Lucy says.

Other items will also be available on Starship's 'Bids for Kids' from Monday 20 May, including a brand new, authentic Sydney Roosters rugby jersey signed by rugby player and heavyweight boxer Sonny Bill Williams, and artwork by Denys Watkins generously donated by Webb's Auction House. Other great auction items will be announced throughout the campaign.

Starship's 'Bids for Kids' is hosted via BuddyBid, a social commerce application that sits within Facebook.

Chairman of BuddyBid and CEO of Webb's Auction House Neil Campbell says, "Our team has worked hard over the last year to solve the need from brand owners to see better returns on their social media investments while extending their viral reach in an engaging manner. To see BuddyBid being used to raise funds for Starship Children's Hospital is a very rewarding outcome."

Starship Foundation CEO Brad Clark says, "The beauty of these auctions is that anyone bidding will share the activity with their friends, enhancing the viral and international reach of both the auction itself, and the Starship Foundation brand as a whole. And with some of the auctions we have in the pipeline, we're certain there will be a lot interest from people all over the world!"

To bid on the auctions, visit the Starship Foundation Facebook page from Monday 20 May at

About the Starship Foundation
Starship Children's Health provides world-class healthcare catering for more than 120,000 patient visits each year from all over New Zealand.

The Starship Foundation is a social-profit organisation committed to raising more than $6 million annually to ensure every New Zealand family has access to world leading healthcare and experiences. Support for the Starship Foundation is an extra to Government funding and provides for initiatives such as building refurbishments, new medical technology, vital research, boosted family support, preventative programmes and staff training.

As a charitable organisation, Starship Foundation exists through the generosity of the New Zealand public and leading companies who lovingly donate money and/or time to assist Starship to remain at the forefront of paediatric care.

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