Image635065792059020094Heads up Italian fans here's some news by Barbara Bruno - RAI 4 is currently showing season 4 every afternoon at 5:20 pm(from Monday to Friday).

Yesterday was the episode where D'Anna gets unboxed and tomorrow and the day after they are showing "Revelations" and "Sometimes a Great Notion".


Check out the episode stills for The Hub


Here are some episode stills for Revelations

gal/Episodic_Photography/Season_4/Episode_10_Revelations/_thb_4x12_061.jpg gal/Episodic_Photography/Season_4/Episode_10_Revelations/_thb_4x12_086.jpg


and Sometimes a Great Notion

gal/Episodic_Photography/Season_4/Episode_11_Sometimes_A_Great_Notion/_thb_0020k914.jpg gal/Episodic_Photography/Season_4/Episode_11_Sometimes_A_Great_Notion/_thb_0020p64g.jpg