15 Most Memorable Deaths on ScreenCrush. Lucretia’s dive off the cliff with Ilithyia’s bubba in her arms is #8

Screencrush says: let’s take a journey back in time and look at some of the most memorable character deaths in TV history. Here are the moments that shocked us, disgusted us and broke our hearts into a thousand little pieces.

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#8 - Lucretia in 'Spartacus'

Image635166673268860451Starz's 'Spartacus' had a habit of killing more major characters in single episodes than many shows do in their entire run, so a death on this show has to be really special if it wants to stand out from the crowd. No death was more harrowing or operatic than that of Lucy Lawless' Lucretia, who ended a season of suffering in the flashiest way possible. Driven insane after losing her child to a stab wound back in season one, Lucretia spends much of the second season being battered around and mistreated by her so-called friends, who use her as a tool to earn more political influence. However, Lucretia has the last laugh. When her arch-enemy/best friend Ilithyia goes into labor, Lucretia cuts the child from her womb and leaps off a nearby cliff with the baby in her arms, prepared to meet her husband in the afterlife with the child they always wanted. It's grim, it's absurd and it's totally amazing.

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