In 2012 Starship released their 2012 Christmas Album which generated $251,293 for Starship and that featured Lucy singing "Little Child". Starship is back with their 2013 Christmas Album and you can now pre-order your copy.

The album will be released in late November for $15.99 NZD. You can pre-order a copy or four by emailing Starship at starshipfoundation@adhb.govt.nz stating the number of albums you would like and your name and address.

The album will once again feature Lucy and other kiwi artists such as the gorgeous Jason Kerrison, Bic Runga, Jordan Luck, Jackie Thomas, Jamie McDell, Anika Moa, Boh Runga, Peter Urlich.

Order one or four now and help the children!


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If you want to order the 2013 Starship Christmas Album, email
Starship on starshipfoundation@adhb.govt.nz