Image635184988448852623Here’s the second part of the State of NZ Film Industry and the ongoing battle to get the NZ Government to be aware of how much the film industry contributes to the NZ economy through jobs and tourism. You can read the first part here. It seems NZ Government Minister Steven Joyce decided to play the man rather than the ball in his attack on Rob Tapert during a radio interview with Radio New Zealand. Instead on focusing what he can do to FIX the problem, he has only inflamed the situation even more. The NZ Film Industry is dying.

Rob Tapert has been responsible for creating thousands of jobs and bringing in millions of dollars to NZ. In a recent article in the NZ Herald “Past Our Peak” on 31 August 2013 it said about Rob’s contribution:

They cite the impact of Spartacus, which over four years attracted grants of $30 million and returned $170 million to the economy in wages, post-production work, equipment hire, leases, accommodation, travel and legal fees. Spartacus was the most recent in a string of long-run TV series brought here by Hollywood producer Rob Tapert, husband of Lucy Lawless. The series, which began with Hercules in 1994, is credited with pumping $800 million into the local industry.

Those achievements mean nothing to a government hell bent of killing off their film industry. What’s worse, they are determined to destroy their Pure NZ brand by their policies. Once you destroy the Pure NZ brand, it is impossible to get back. had an article about this issue:

The film and television industry is "effectively dying" as productions are lured overseas by bigger state subsidies, leading Kiwi director Andrew Adamson says. Film-industry gossip is running hot that the Avatar sequels will now be shot overseas, but insiders say that is just the tip of the iceberg, with the Kiwi industry in a worse state than at any time in the past 20 years.

Under the Large Budget Screen Production Grant, New Zealand offers big-budget productions a 15 per cent rebate on money spent in the country, with larger rebates for projects more than $200 million. Other nations such as Britain and South Africa offer rebates of 25 per cent, while New Zealand's high dollar is a further deterrent to overseas money. Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce has ruled out a straight rebate increase, although he said he was working to pull the industry out of its "tough period".

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Allegedly Mr Joyce says he hasn’t paid attention to Lucy’s tweets to him. He hasn’t paid attention but goes on to say that “her views were contradictory”. Hm...if he hasn’t paid attention how does he know that Lucy’s views are “contradictory” (they’re not but let’s go with this for moment.) You have to pay attention to what someone says in order to respond to what that person says.

Mr the ball and not the man or in this case, the woman and the man.

This is Lucy’s response to the Joyce’s attack on Rob – you can listen to it here