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Green Party launches carbon tax plans
1 June 2014

Climate change is expected to become a pivotal election issue, following a carbon tax policy announced today.

The Green Party, if elected to form a government, wants to scrap the emissions trading scheme and impose a carbon tax on all sectors, excluding agriculture....

Image635376034777242985The Greens are harnessing starpower to push their new carbon tax policy - flying actress Lucy Lawless to the Hutt Valley from Auckland for their AGM today.

The Xena: Warrior Princess star is a passionate climate activist, but not a Green Party member.

However, she applauded the policy - which would see dairy farmers made to pay their share, alongside most other big emitters - with the money going to tax cuts for individuals and companies.

Lucy Lawless says she'd like to see National and Labour come up with innovative ideas to tackle carbon emissions.