Lucy on List of Who do we really trust?–
Rodney Times 24 June 2014

Dame Alison Holst of Orewa is ranked the third most trusted woman in New Zealand in a Reader’s Digest pollFirst woman last year, she comes in ninth on the overall list.

That’s behind former television identity Judy Bailey and shot putter Valerie Adams.

For the men soldier Willie Apiata, New Zealander of the Year Dr Lance O’Sullivan and All Black captain Richie McCaw make up the top three.

Others to feature include weather man Jim Hickey (8), Mad Butcher Sir Peter Leitch (11), TV presenter Toni Street (27), fellow presenter Simon Dallow (36), the Topp twins (47), Te Radar (60), Lorde (61), actor Lucy Lawless (71), entrepreneur Alan Gibbs (74) who has a sculpture, giraffe and other exotic animal farm at Kakanui, former Rodney MP Lockwood Smith (76), now New Zealand High Commissioner to Britain, Helensville MP John Key (86), Bethells Beach environmentalist Gary Taylor (88), and Kim Dotcom of Coatesville (99). Along with New Zealand’s most trusted people, Digest also released the most trusted professions, the top three being firefighters, paramedics and rescue volunteers.

Politicians, door to-door salespeople and telemarketers ranked at the bottom, being the three least trusted professions.

Doctors, pharmacists and vets ranked 6, 7 and 8, police 10, teachers 11 and farmers 14.

Journalists maintained a low rating at 43. Reader’s Digest