Image635396290894843968The Australian mini-series “The Code” starring Lucy was featured in the MIP TV Magazine 04 April 2014 Issue.

The mini-series will be seen in Australia on ABC1, BBC4 has bought the series in the UK, DirecTV in the U.S., Sundance Channel, Latin America and Denmark’s DR.

The air date has not been announced (other than it being sometime in the middle of the year) and there was talk about it being in June or July. Since we are now at the end of June, looks like July or August (hopefully). As soon as the date is announced, I’ll be updating the AUSXIP Lucy Lawless The Code Subsite so make sure to bookmark that page for all news related to the mini-series


MIP TV Magazine
04 April 2014





The Code (6 x 6)

Stretching from the spectacular red desert of Australia’s outback to the cool corridors of power in Canberra, The Code tells the story of two very different brothers who unearth information those at the highest levels of political power will kill to keep secret.

In the middle of the outback a stolen 4WD collides with a transport truck.  Two local kids in the car are hurt. Badly. Someone should have called for help.  But they didn’t. They didn’t because that ‘someone’ works for a major stakeholder in an international research project no-one talks about.

The kids’ accident would have remained a mystery if it weren’t for Ned and Jesse Banks – a young internet journalist desperate for a break, and his troubled hacker brother on a strict good-behavior bond.

Ned and Jesse are gifted a poisoned chalice when a phone video of the outback accident arrives in their in-box. And posting it on-line will cost them more than they ever imagined. Together, they suddenly become the unlikeliest crusaders for democracy.

The decision to dig deeper drags the brothers into the darkest heart of politics, and the web of black marketeers and the international agencies who monitor and manipulate them.

The question is just how far those in authority will go to keep their explosive secret safe.

And just how far the two brothers will go to reveal the truth.


  • Lucy Lawless as ALEX WISHAM (Spartacus, Top Of The Lake, Xena: Warrior Princess)
  • Adam Garcia as PERRY BENSON (Camp, Coyote Ugly, Hawthorne)
  • David Wenham as IAN BRADLEY (Top Of The Lake, Better Man, 300)
  • Aden Young as RANDALL KEATS (I Frankenstein, Rectify, East West 101)
  • Chelsie Preston Crayford as SOPHIE WALSH (Underbelly, The Mystery Of A Hansom Cab, Dripping In Chocolate)
  • Ashley Zukerman as JESSE BANKS (Terra Nova, The Pacific, Rush)
  • Dan Spielman as NED BANKS (Offspring, Secret Life Of Us, An Accidental Soldier)
  • Dan Wyllie as LYNDON JOYCE (Tangle, Underbelly, The Broken Shore)