Image635471614717075710IGN talks to Lucy Lawless about her new "tough as nuts" Agents of SHIELD role and why it was important for her to join the Marvel universe. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns for its second season this Tuesday, September 23rd, with the action-packed episode, "Shadows" - which features Lucy Lawless guest starring as SHIELD field operative Isabelle "Izzy" Hartley.

But after everything that happened to Coulson's team, and SHIELD in general, last season, can she be trusted? I had the chance to talk to Lawless about her role, her character's loyalties, and why it means so much to her to officially join the Marvel universe.

"She's tough as nuts," Lawless remarked about Izzy. "So don't get in her way. She's not a shrinking violet," she laughed.

And of course thanks to Xena and other action roles, Lawless herself didn't need any additional knife training for a character who's lethal with blades. "She's very handy with a knife," she said, "and I'm already quite proficient myself."


Some highlights from the interview

Is she coming back?

So how much can we expect to see Lawless this season?

"That's all up to Maurissa and Jed. I'm entirely at the disposal of the writers, you know. Whatever they write. Of course, they also have other stuff to focus on. They can't just do my character. They have to keep some sort of a super arc going. But it's up to them and their imaginations."

As of right now, Lawless is only slated for the Season 2 premiere


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