Xenite Retreat2016 Xenite Retreat Tickets Now Available

AUSXIP is sponsoring the Xenite Retreat - this is the first time in 18+ years that I've added AUSXIP to any event and I'm stoked I have done this. It's a great idea for an event and it brings us together now that the Creation cons are over. One (if not the major) reason I have sponsored this event is because of the woman heading the team putting the show on. It's headed by Penny Cavanaugh and I have a lot of time and respect for this woman. She has assembled a great team and you know you will have fun!

What is the Xenite Retreat?

The Xenite Retreat is three full days of the best kind of fun with the best kind of people.

Our mission is to host an all inclusive retreat where Xenites have the opportunity to relax, have fun, learn and grow, make new friends, spend time with old friends - most of who we consider family!

The retreat has been developed so that you get to design a weekend that suits you perfectly. Whether you want a quiet and relaxing weekend, or a crazy adrenaline filled adventure, or perhaps a mixture of both... the decision is up to you!

Events such as
Archery | High Ropes | Writers Workshops | Hiking | Pottery | Fishing | Softball | Yoga | Amazon Boot Camp | Self Development | Paintball | Pool | Painting | Massages | and SO MUCH MORE!

Tickets are now open and you have to be really really quick! So head over to http://www.xeniteretreat.com/ and join in the fun.