Can strength and vulnerability coexist in ourselves? Actress Lucy Lawless is living proof.

Lisa Haisha met Lucy Lawless backstage at a staged performance of Maleficent, where Lucy starred as the misunderstood villain herself. And after hearing Lucy's life story in their subsequent Legacy Series interview together, Lisa learned that being misunderstood is something Lucy knows a lot about!

Through their conversation, you learn that Lucy's life growing up in conservative New Zealand culture where self expression was frowned up, to becoming the star of Xena: Warrior Princess, Battlestar Galactica, Parks and Recreation, and numerous other Hollywood roles, she has not diminished her optimism for life, her love of people, and her desire to give back to them as an ambassador for Greenpeace.

Self expression, parenting, living in the present, discarding the past, and paedophelia are just a taste of the topics Lisa and Lucy discuss, so dive into this conversation-- you'll discover that even you have misunderstood what Lucy Lawless is all about!
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