Image635668457853295496HONORABLE MENTION | We knew from the moment we heard that Lucy Lawless was joining Salem that we were in for a treat. The natural born badass was just so, so right to play the Countess Marburg — the one witch wicked enough to make even alpha female Mary Sibley nervous — that we were left giddy by the prospect of their inevitable showdowns. And when at last the first of them took place in this week’s episode, “The Wine Dark Sea,” the erstwhile Xena, Warrior Princess, didn’t just meet our expectations — high as they were — she exceeded them, milking every venomous line for all it was worth. Take this gem, for instance: “You can put a crown on a sow’s head, it doesn’t make it a queen.” Hurled by a lesser actress, the insult might have come off campy and cheap; but, as delivered by Lawless, it came off campy and sublime. Color us enthralled.


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