TV Line is looking at tv shows with musical episodes - Supergirl and The Flash are meeting up for a musical episode so it thus TVLine has decided to look back at some of their favourites from their favourite TV Shows and naturally Xena is on that list! They chose The Bitter Suite.

Speaking of The Bitter Suite there was a fan version created soon after that was just HYSTERICAL and so good. I saw the tape (yes kiddies, proper VHS tape...did horrible things when you copied it over and over to the color of the episodes as well...ah memories). I'm not sure where it's located now but we really should archive it some place. Anyhoo....TVLine had this to say about The Bittle Suite. I also added some clips from the episode.

Image Image Image

You can check out more episode stills from the episode here


You can view my Xena Episode Art for The Bitter Suite here

ImageThe Bitter Suite was also the episode that had the GabDrag...horrible imagery but Gabrielle proved indistructable.

2. Xena: Warrior Princess: “The Bitter Suite” (Season 3, Episode 12) How do you mend a broken friendship between two women when each believe the other is responsible for her child’s death? Xena goes the non-Jerry Springer route, sending its characters to the land of Illusia, where their hatred is manifested into a nightmarish enemy that can only be defeated with the power of forgiveness — and song, of course. (If I’m being totally honest, a part of me really wanted to make this my No. 1 pick, but I didn’t feel like getting buried alive by the internet.)