Lucy posted the following on her official facebook page about an upcoming event in Auckland on December 5. Lucy doesn’t mention if she will be taking part or not. So if you are in town for Pleasuredome, stay a few days and catch the benefit to City Mission.




GALS: Gay and Lesbian Singers Auckland

Yesterday at 7:57am ·

You can help GALS to help homeless charities in Auckland

We're looking forward to presenting the Street Requiem at Auckland Town Hall on Tuesday 5 December, with proceeds benefitting Auckland homeless charities - but we need a bit of help. Read on to see how you can help us make a difference...

We anticipate having over 150 singers for the Requiem, and each singer needs a copy of the music score. GALS has to pay a license fee for each singer to the copyright holders.

We want to help make a difference to those who are in real difficulty or suffering in our community, as well as providing our audience with a great concert, but all our production costs have an impact on what we can donate to the supporting charities.

You can help by making a donation towards the cost of our music. $30 will cover the cost of the music license and printing for one person, and provide a little extra towards our other costs. But we'll be delighted to receive all donations, big or small - every little helps. Donations are tax deductible (in NZ).

You can donate via Givealittle, you will find the link here

In September, we'll start selling Tickets for this concert - this is one GALS concert you really don't want to miss!

Thanks again on behalf of those who will benefit from this event.