Looks like a wish to have Lucy appear in Season 3 of Wynonna Earp may become reality if Lucy’s tweet in response to the ‘Get Lucy On Wynonna Earp PR juggernaut’. Entertainment Weekly jumped in on the action (as did William Shatner..wonder if Bill watches Wynonna Earp or he just loved the idea of jumping in). I have seen one episode of the show at the urging of my dear friend Christa who has a history of introducing me to great shows and entertainers. She should know right? She’s a two time Emmy Award winning producer. So I saw my first episode. I REALLY liked the sass, the motorcycle, the VERY cute Agent AND more importantly, the writing. Love the writing. VERY funny and the comedic timing is fantastic. We shall see what becomes of this latest addition to my must see shows.

Anyhoo getting back to Lucy…


Why do they want Lucy (who doesn’t want Lucy but that’s not the point right now)

The season 2 finale of Wynonna Earp ended with one mother of a cliffhanger: Wynonna goes to meet her mother. Putting aside the fact that Wynonna knows where her mother has been and that the Earp matriarch seems to know about demons herself, we are most concerned with who Mama Earp is. Although we got a glimpse of her from the back — with great Earp hair, of course — showrunner Emily Andras told EW that the role hasn’t yet been cast. However, she jokingly said, “Lucy Lawless, call me immediately!” Fans took the idea and ran with it.


On Friday, a fan tweeted at Lawless, asking her to join the Syfy series, and the Xena actress said “Certainly. When and where?” Andras replied on Saturday to let Lawless know she would take her up on that offer, saying “I’ll go through official, non-twitter channels, but want you to know how much #Earpers (and our cast) would love to see this happen.” (Click the tweets below to follow the whole thread.)



Then of course when Entertainment Weekly got into the act…so did Lucy by tweeting the article. It’s quite amusing to see this play out.




LOL! This tickled me. Although I’m not an Earper (that’s what Wynonna Earp fans are known as), the show would get a whole lot of Xenites watching if Lucy is in the show.