AUSXIP supported the Xenite Retreat since the first event was held in 2016 where we sponsered the event (AUSXIP and my new company AUSXIP Publishing) and we continue our association leading up to the 2018 event next April. If you can't make it to the real life one in Lake Hughes (seriously, cool - been twice and it's AMAZING!) you can now go to a virtual xenite retreat! Here's what to do:


Go here:

The official group for the virtual Xenite Retreat! We can't promise archery, high ropes, hikes or smores, but we can deliver fun discussions and round tables, Cards Against Humanity (Xena style!), empowerment workshops, even art classes and meditation workshops!

Experience elements from the Xenite Retreat even if you're unable to make it to California. Virtual Xenite Retreat is nothing at all like being at Canyon Creek in April, but it's as close as we can get!

Our goal is to reignite the Xenite community. Engage and encourage your inner Xenite and let your nutball flag fly!!! This is the place to be if you're looking for an engaging and inclusive group for all things XENA!

Battle on!

Go here: