31122512_166905520664723_1512749561108496384_n.jpgLucy is involved in a new animated feature called Mosley.

A species of creatures called Thoriphants rebel against their life of servitude to mankind and embark on a treacherous journey. 

Director: Kirby Atkins 

Writer: Kirby Atkins Lucy voices the character of "Bera"

Mosley - A USD $20m animated feature film co-produced with China Film Animation. The first official co-production between China and New Zealand. Release is scheduled for early 2019 with worldwide sales being handled by Lotus Entertainment.

From the producers:

We are excited to announce that our latest animated feature film MOSLEY (formerly known as Beast of Burden) is being presented at the Cannes Film Market today for the first time!
More announcements to come soon!!