Gold Derby has learned the list of STARZ key Emmy candidates and Ash vs Evil Dead made the cut! This will come as a welcome surprise to fans since its cancellation. Even though the show struggled in the ratings this season, there were some statue worthy moments.

Ash vs Evil Dead was a unique combination of horror and comedy. Like lightning in a bottle, it may never be captured again. The fact that it has been added to the list of Emmy contenders is a testament to its originality.

ImageLucy Lawless – Comedy Supporting Actress

As Ruby, the ultimate demon queen, Lucy Lawless was a villainess that you love to hate. She played her role to the hilt and her evil knew no bounds this season. From the very first episode, Family her intentions to destroy Ash were blatant and she took no prisoners.

The scene in the hotel room where she “conceives” Ash’s child by stabbing herself in the hand, saying incantations over his picture in the Necronomicon while smearing the page with her blood, that was extremely graphic. Although her dialogue is limited, the contortions that she goes through are enough to showcase her acting ability.

If that isn’t enough to convince the Academy then perhaps her demise at the hands of the Dark Ones in Judgment Day may do the trick. Never has death been done so well.

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