Den of Geek has an indepth article on why Xena was a groundbreaking show (and we agree with them). I

Why Xena: Warrior Princess Was A Ground Breaking Show - Den of Geek

Xena: Warrior Princess, starring Lucy Lawless, was a breath of fresh air in the 90s sci-fi and fantasy TV landscape...

If you remember Xena: Warrior Princess, you probably remember it for a few things. The tiny, tight-fitting costumes worn by its lead characters. That circular spinny thing Xena threw at people (it’s called a chakram). Xena’s fabulous ululating war cry. The bizarre mish-mash of history the show threw together (though the producers knew their stuff, deep down – Rob Tapert later produced the rather more accurate Spartacus for STARZ).

What you might not remember, or might not know if you’re unfamiliar with the show, is just how important and ground-breaking Xena was when it first aired between 1995 and 2001.

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