A Return For Xena?
The Courier Mail
24 July 2019

LUCY Lawless remains hopeful a Xena: Warrior Princess reboot will eventually happen. A new version of the cult show was in the works a couple of years ago before being shelved by producers.

“I don’t know why they’ve found it so hard to get it off the ground,” Lawless (pictured) said.

“They tried and kind of failed. They should have me and Renee (O’Connor, who played Gabrielle) back, those characters as the women the age we are and introduce the new Xena. It is a failure of imagination possibly, it is out of my hands, but it could still happen.”

Xena: Warrior Princess was a huge global hit in the 1990s running into the early-2000s and is still broadcast in some countries today.

“I am grateful for it and really respectful for it because every actress should be delighted to be recognised for anything they do,” she said. “So many actors are scrambling to get by and the fact that I am recognised in New York or wherever I am, it is so uncommon that I am very grateful for it because it propels your career.”

Lawless, 51, is back on Australian television as former detective Alexa Crowe in new Channel 10 drama My Life Is Murder, which airs tonight. “It is a little bit more lighthearted,” she said. “A joyful, beautiful gem of a show.”