TV Soap (Australia) has a write up about the upcoming My Life Is Murder Season 1 Episode 3

If you don’t want spoilers…don’t read any further!


Cycling groups are the ultimate opportunity for networking and power broking. But when the CFO of a hospitality empire dies on his morning ride, Alexa must infiltrate the world of lycra and butt pads.


Image636998120845884062Once upon a time, corporate fat cats and golf clubs used to go together like a horse and carriage, or love and marriage; nowadays the rich and powerful are no longer teeing off on the legendary Saturday morning pastime. Instead, they’re more interested in donning their lycra, strapping on their butt pads and hopping on two wheels for a spot of road biking in the fresh air. As an intrepid Alexa discovers, one company’s passion for its pedalling pursuit for networking and powerbroking is suddenly tainted by the stench of murder.

Called to a roadside crime scene, Alexa finds that the CFO of a hospitality empire has inexplicably died on his Saturday morning ride. This is no ordinary accident or medical mishap - as the bizarre behaviour of the bystanders indicates. Instead, the death was the result of a deliberate act.

For starters, Alexa quickly identifies a prime suspect in Roger Simms (Don Hany). He’s the CEO of the hospitality empire, and he’s acting far too charming and carefree for the detective’s liking when ideally for a supposed innocent, he should be mourning his mate!

Even more suss is Roger’s refusal to assist in any way with Alexa’s bid to solve the murder. Sensing he’s not going to make her job easy, Alexa squares up to him, playing along with the seductive cat-and-mouse game of power plays he obviously wants to entertain. Such behaviour is one of Roger’s hallmarks, used to control his employees, but Alexa isn’t so pliable and she’s not about to let this supposedly perfect specimen get the better of her.

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